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About the Divers Club KVAK.

It is often said that KVAK is an acronym for "Kongelig Vand Atlet Klub" (Royal Water Athletes Club). However, the origin has been lost in the mists of time.

We are a club open to all international accredited dive associations (CMAS, PADI, NAUI, ISS, GUE, UTD etc.)  

KVAK can through own instructors train in all the PADI and CMAS courses and levels of training (minus TECH).

You can, through us, get your divers training and certificate, at a very favourable price. Link.

PADI OWD og AOWD courses as one packet: only 4000,- kr

The Club has permanent rooms and facilities at Aarhus Harbor/ Aarhus Ø.

Here we have our combined classroom and bar, and our storage and working facilities including a small metal workshop, compressor/ filling station and gas bank. Our two Ribs are stored here as well.

We are sharing the historic building “Søsporten” with the Aarhus Roklub (rowing club) and the Aarhus kajak og kano klub (kayak and canoe club).

On Monday evenings we meet for looking in to our equipment, servicing it. Afterwards we always have a social function in the bar, having a coffee or the beer of the month. Here we diskuss diving in general, new ideas for daytrips and/or longer trips (5 days in Norway, 2 days in Kreidesse etc.) Stories are being shared, ideas are being tested. All in a very nice and cosy atmosphere.  

KVAK is now the happy owners of a modern NITROX filling station, where you can get the normal mixes up to NITROX 40. Are you a certified gas blender, you are allowed do it yourself.

If all the above have caught eye and you are interested, please do not hesitate. Come by to meet us and to have a look at the facilities. You can call us with whatever question you might have,

+45 20206781. We are looking forward to meeting you.  


From beginning of October, we have access to Lyseng Swim Station each Friday evening. There are different pools (deep, competition and warmed children’s pool).

Members and their family can use it free (paid through the normal annual club fee).  

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